American Rhododendron Society

(Survey: Rhododendron societies )
The 'American Rhododendron Society' (ARS) was established in 1945 in Portland by a few enthusiastic rhododendron lovers. Over the years, the ARS has become a worldwide society for everyone who is interested in these "royal plants". At the moment, the ARS has about 6000 members all over the world, especially in the US, but also is Canada, Scotland, Denmark, Japan, India and in the Netherlands. Every quarter, they publish "The Journal", a magazine with many pictures and articles. Every year, they organise "Conventions", which take up to 5 days with lectures, sales/purchasing of plants and books, 'Flower Shows' during which you can win lots of prizes, visits to parks and nursery gardens, 'Seed Exchange' to buy and/or sell seeds, and so much more... A great happening!

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