Is there a rhododendron society?

(Survey: Rhododendron societies )
Are you fascinated by the world of rhododendrons? Join Wulopant and become a member of our rhododendron society! the rhododendronorganisation  is proud to publish the trimestrial magazine called ‘Rhodomania’. This magazine contains numerous tips and tricks, beautiful pictures, interesting articles and reports on our excursions in Belgium and abroad. If you wish to do so, you can also become an A member and receive ‘The Journal’ (in English) four times a year. This is an issue by The American Rhododendron Society. This magazine is a treat for the eye with its amazing pictures. Our rhododendron society is a very close group of people where new members feel at ease very quickly. We often organise gatherings, garden trips, excursions and exchange marts. No need to hesitate! Should you wish more information, please visit our website

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